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Frequenter Aux USA sans etre fils de détourneurs de fonds publics!!!

Le Collectif des Chercheurs Indépendants D’Afrique


Clients will often need higher education in a university or college to pursue their professional interests and ultimate career dreams. We coach our clients through every step of the process from selecting the schools that best match their chosen career to preparing for the college entrance exam to submitting applications to the selected schools.


  • School Selection.
    After reviewing the client’s work history, academic training, and even extracurricular activities, we outline the majors and certifications that offer the best pathways to the desired profession. On this basis, we identify the 10 strongest programs and schools that best fit the client and rank them according to the client’s preferences.
  • School Admissions.
    We then contact the schools most important to the client to verify their admission requirements and to learn the nuances of each school’s admission process.
  • Test Preparation.
    Most universities and colleges in the United States require students applying for admission to take achieve a minimum score on a college entrance exam (SAT or ACT). Non-native English speakers are often required to demonstrate their proficiency in English by taking the TOEFL. Most master’s and doctoral degree programs require a graduate school entrance exam (LSAT for law school, MCAT for medical school, and GRE for most other graduate school programs). We help clients prepare for the appropriate entrance exams, and we register them to take tests needed for their programs.
  • Application Process.
    Throughout the application process, we keep the clients informed of progress and what they need to do next. We provide a list of documents required for each application and assist them in writing, rewriting, and finalizing their personal statement for the applications.


  • Scholarships and Financial Aid.
    Higher education in the United States can be expensive. Our financial aid experts can help clients identify and apply for scholarships and various forms of financial aid. They can also assist the client in filling out the application forms for scholarships and financial aid, including writing any required essays.
  • Visa Application.
    Upon admittance to one of the client’s chosen schools, a partner law firm will begin the visa application process. During the visa process, CCIA will send the client information about the actual visa process in their embassy in their country, including the address of the US embassy, directions, fees, and times of reception. We will also facilitate scheduling a visa interview for each of our clients.
  • Final Action Plan.
    To assist the clients in making the most of their studies, we will provide each client with their personalized action plan in an electronic book and an actual binder. The binder will be the client’s guide at school, personalized and customized to the client’s personality, lifestyle, passions, interests, and professional and academic goals. It will also discuss aspects of the culture from the client’s perspective and ways to adapt. It will also provide a general overview of the school and community, and it will address the basic necessities, including housing, finances, health, jobs, utilities, transportation, and travel. Finally, the binder will also include a list of tips for success customized for the client. These would include tips on:
    – How to succeed in the client’s school
    – The best professors for him or her to get to know
    – How to get to know professors and university administrators
    – Which classes to take
    – Finding relevant jobs and internships
    – Living with roommates
    – Succeeding in the client’s chosen program and networking within the profession
    – Clubs and other extracurricular programs that would help the student acquire needed skills
    – Leadership opportunities at the school or in the community
    – Social opportunities
    – Creating balance and reducing stress


  • Follow Up.
    After the client starts school, a CCIA representative will call from time to time to answer any questions that have arisen, learn of any new needs, and provide any needed guidance.

Fréquenter dans une Université Americaine ou canadienne n’est plus seulement l’affaire des enfants de “BOSS”; vous aussi en avez le droit et la possibilité grace au CCIA (Collectif des chercheurs indépendants D’Afrique).

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